phpMyAdmin setup



Bzip2 compression and decompression requires functions (bzopen, bzcompress) which are unavailable on this system.

Cannot load or save configuration

Please create web server writable folder config in phpMyAdmin top level directory as described in documentation. Otherwise you will be only able to download or display it.

Force SSL connection

This option should be enabled if your web server supports it.

Allow login to any MySQL server

This option should be disabled as it allows attackers to bruteforce login to any MySQL server. If you feel this is necessary, use trusted proxies list. However, IP-based protection may not be reliable if your IP belongs to an ISP where thousands of users, including you, are connected to.

Insecure connection

You are not using a secure connection; all data (including potentially sensitive information, like passwords) is transferred unencrypted! If your server is also configured to accept HTTPS requests follow this link to use a secure connection.


There are no configured servers

Configuration file

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